PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS: Pioneering Future Tech with Strategic Fintech Investments


In an era where technological innovation is the bedrock of progress, the significance of fostering new technologies cannot be overstated. Recognizing this, PIN-UP Global, an ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products, is broadening its operational horizons. November 2023 marked the launch of PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS, a bold new initiative aimed at nurturing promising technologies in gambling and related niches. Marina Ilina, CEO of PIN-UP Global, sheds light on this strategic pivot, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to driving growth in the fintech and tech landscapes.

Filling the Void in Tech Innovation

The leap towards PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS stems from a critical observation: numerous groundbreaking technologies falter due to a lack of resources and industry know-how. “We observed a gap in the ecosystem where innovative technologies struggled to find the footing necessary to evolve into robust products,” Ilina articulates. This new direction is not merely an expansion but a mission to empower nascent technologies with the capital, expertise, and infrastructural support they critically need.

Criteria for Collaboration

Despite the open invitation to innovative projects, PIN-UP sets a high bar for potential collaborations. “We are looking for companies with MVPs – those who have transcended the idea phase and have a tangible product to show,” Ilina asserts. This approach ensures that only the most viable projects with real-world applicability and growth potential receive the backing they need to thrive.

A Spectrum of Opportunities

PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS is casting its net wide, targeting an array of sectors, including gambling technologies, payment systems, analytics services, media, traffic products, software development, AI, customer services, advertising platforms, and arbitration teams. This diversified approach not only broadens the impact of PIN-UP’s initiative but also underscores the brand’s vision of fostering innovation across the digital spectrum. Aspiring partners are encouraged to reach out through PIN-UP’s platform, promising a straightforward path toward collaboration and growth.

PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS provides funding, training, and consulting opportunities through in-house ecosystem experts, practice on PIN-UP product and business model testing, accelerated product growth and entry into new markets, access to a network of industry contacts, strategic planning support, and possible integration into the ecosystem.

In conclusion, PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS heralds a new chapter for the ecosystem, transitioning from a player in the iGaming world to a key enabler of technological advancement. With a clear focus on supporting the development of promising projects, PIN-UP is setting the stage for a future where technology and innovation converge to create sustainable growth and progress.


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