Leader’s Insights: Yuriy Romanyukha

Yuriy Romanyukha

The Future interrogates -kindly- the high management floor

Welcome to the Leader’s Insights, a place where The Future, asks the simplest, yet, the most interesting questions to the executives of well-known companies, startups and innovators.

This time we have Yuriy Romanyukha, Managing Partner at  ICLUB Global, a network of private investors backed by TA Ventures, which has over 650 members across 14 countries. Under his leadership, ICLUB Global has invested 35 million EUR and achieved six successful exits. He specializes in pre-seed and seed funding deals, with a track record of significant investments and exits for ICLUB members, totalling over 35 million EUR in investments and 8 million EUR in exits.

Yuriy is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in venture capital, entrepreneurship, and business development. He currently serves as the Managing Partner of ICLUB Global, a network of private investors established by TA Ventures, a top 50 most performance European VC fund. ICLUB Global provides individuals with the opportunity to make small-ticket co-investments in high-growth early-stage European and American startups alongside TA Ventures.

Yuriy has been an integral part of the TA Ventures team since 2021, initially as a Venture Partner based in Cyprus. Since the firm’s inception in 2010, TA Ventures has made significant investments in over 220 startups, resulting in more than 76 successful exits and 6 IPOs.

He is a lifelong learner and holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Psychology from Taras Shevchenko National University. He also completed executive programs in Venture Capital, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business. Furthermore, he is also an experienced mentor, guiding programs such as Startup Wise Guys, ARIS Limassol, and Google for Startups EU. His previous roles include serving as the Chief Commercial Officer at Solid, which includes Innovecs, Astound Commerce, and Uber, where he played a significant role in driving the growth of these companies

Let’s see what Romanyukha has to say…

1. Do you remember your first day on the job at ICLUB Global?

It was all about communication and alignment with my team. I was impressed to get perspective on the team’s functional expertise.

2. What is more difficult: being interviewed to join a team or doing the interviews yourself?

Love asking questions and getting a clear candidate’s motivation.

3. What do you most value in your employees?

Transparency, Critical thinking and Emotional Intelligence

4. Which is a motto/quote you use in your work?

Everyone can be automated.

5. If you were back to the start, what would you advise yourself for a great career?

Fail more.  

6. How do you pump up your creativity?

Art is the only way to redesign ground perspective on systematic topics.

7.  What is a talent you would like to have?

Listen more.

8.  How do you balance work and personal life?

Strict calendar. E.g.: 15 min. meetings. 3 hours a day for calls & meetings.

9.  Your top five foods you like in Cyprus?

  • Olive oil,
  • Taramasalata,
  • Fish Meze,
  • Green Olives,
  • Halloumi

10.  Can you name your top favorite places in Cyprus?

  • Meat: Red Papper (Larnaca),
  • Hummus: Karmela (LImassol),
  • Seafood: Theta Mediterranean (Larnaca) 

11.  Which personality, throughout history, do you admire most?

Seneca – latest inspiration to research.

12.  Where would you advise our readers to go this summer?


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