Funding For Climate Startups And Cloud

by Marios Roussos
Funding for Climate Startups and Cloud

Corporate investment is a lifesaver while India surpasses China

Interesting things are happening in the entrepreneurial world, as the numbers show significant growth for Indian tech startups, surpassing China in the number of funding rounds. At the same time, we see reports that corporate backing for startups has its benefits. Once more, in this section, we try to summarize the biggest news around startups, investments, technology and many other topics we highlighted this week.

Corporate Investment: A Lifeline for Startup Survival

A recent analysis by Global Corporate Venturing underscores the significant benefits of corporate backing for startups. Startups with corporate investors are notably less likely to go bankrupt, with such backing halving the likelihood of failure. This support often extends beyond financial investment, offering practical business assistance and market access that can be crucial for growth. The involvement of corporate investors not only validates a startup but also facilitates further funding rounds by enhancing investor confidence through perceived market alignment.

Corporate-backed startups also enjoy higher valuations at exit, with improved deal value to EBITDA ratios observed consistently since 2018. This advantage is not solely due to potential overpayment by corporate buyers but also reflects the added strategic support and extended growth timelines these investors provide. The nuanced approach of corporate venture capital, focusing on multidimensional returns, allows for a nurturing environment conducive to sustainable growth, thereby increasing the chances of successful exits and long-term viability for startups.

Indian Tech Startups Surpass China in Funding Rounds

In a remarkable display of growth, Indian tech startups have raised an impressive $41 billion in the first half of 2024, surpassing China in the number of funding rounds. This surge is particularly significant as it comes during a period widely regarded as a funding winter, reflecting the resilience and potential of the Indian startup ecosystem. Despite the global economic downturn, the Indian market continues to attract substantial investments, driven by favourable government policies and a rapidly expanding digital economy.

The success of Indian startups can be attributed to a diversified investment approach that includes significant contributions from both domestic and international investors. Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi-NCR remain the top cities for startup investments, with notable sectors including fintech, retail, and enterprise applications. The fintech sector alone has garnered $2.1 billion, underscoring India’s leadership in digital payments and financial services innovation. Additionally, the environment and space technology sectors have seen increased investor interest, reflecting a shift towards sustainable and cutting-edge technologies​

Paris-Based Wind Capital Secures €90 Million for Climate Resilient Startups

In a significant stride towards addressing climate challenges, Paris-based venture capital firm Wind has announced the successful first closing of its €130 million Article 9 fund, amassing €90 million. This fund aims to invest in pioneering sustainable Deeptech startups at the Seed and Series A stages, particularly those innovating in essential service industries such as food, energy, and construction. Wind’s strategy underscores the growing importance of fostering technological advancements that contribute to environmental sustainability and human well-being.

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Thierry Vandewalle and Xavier Gury, Wind has a legacy of impactful investments, with notable successes in the fintech, mobility, and SaaS sectors. The new fund, dedicated to climate resilience, reflects the firm’s commitment to leveraging decarbonisation, AI, and robotics to create practical solutions for critical infrastructure. With backing from prominent institutional players and over 120 successful entrepreneurs, Wind is poised to drive substantial innovation and support startups that align profitability with positive environmental impact.

OVHcloud Boosts African Startups’ Transition to the Cloud

OVHcloud, Europe’s leading cloud provider, is extending its robust support to African startups, facilitating their transition to cloud-based infrastructures. Through its Startup Program, which offers up to €100,000 in cloud credits and comprehensive technical consultation, OVHcloud aims to empower early-stage and scaling startups. The programme provides not only critical cloud resources but also access to a broad network of experts, accelerators, and market opportunities. This initiative underscores OVHcloud’s commitment to fostering innovation and scalability in Africa’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.

Since its inception, OVHcloud’s Startup Program has been instrumental in supporting over 4,000 startups globally. The company’s recent expansion into Africa, marked by the opening of a Local Zone in Rabat, Morocco, is poised to reduce latency and enhance data sovereignty for African enterprises. This strategic move reflects OVHcloud’s dedication to providing tailored cloud solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities within the African market, ensuring that local startups can thrive and compete on an international scale.

Kfund Raises €70 Million to Boost AI and Cloud Startups

Spanish venture capital firm Kfund has successfully closed a €70 million fund dedicated to supporting AI and cloud startups across Southern Europe. This latest fund, K3, continues Kfund’s mission of backing high-impact technological ventures from pre-seed to Series A stages. With a strong focus on sectors such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, edge computing, 5G connectivity, blockchain, and cloud services, Kfund aims to foster innovation and job creation in the region.

Since its establishment in 2016, Kfund has built a robust portfolio, supporting renowned entrepreneurs and collaborating with prestigious international funds. The launch of K3 not only reinforces Kfund’s commitment to advancing the tech ecosystem in Southern Europe but also underscores the confidence and support it has garnered from the market. This fund is set to drive significant advancements in technology, enabling startups to scale and compete on a global stage.


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