Bosco Conference: Two Decades Of Networking Excellence

Bosco Conference

From Kyiv to Cyprus and the world

Since its inception in 2005, Bosco Conference has become a leading facilitator of business networking and partnerships. Founded with the vision of creating a centralised platform to connect service providers with business partners and clients, Bosco Conference has experienced remarkable growth over the past two decades.

The company’s inaugural event in Kyiv, Ukraine, which focused on business opportunities in Cyprus, marked the beginning of an extensive global expansion. Today, Bosco Conference operates in over 25 countries, hosting nearly 200 conferences.

In an exclusive interview with Mrs Elena Kutsenko, CEO of Bosco Conference, we explore the company’s evolution, examining the motivations behind its founding, the challenges it has faced, and the successes it has achieved.

Kutsenko provides insights into the company’s adaptation strategies during the pandemic, the impact of geopolitical shifts, and the strategic decisions that have driven its expansion. Additionally, she discusses the distinctive features of the InvestPro and WealthPro conferences, plans, and upcoming innovative projects.

Here are her answers

How did the Bosco Conference get its start, and what was the initial vision behind it?

The Bosco Conference was founded in 2005. The primary motivation for its establishment was to address a specific market need. During that period, there was a significant demand for a centralized platform where service providers could connect with business partners and clients. This platform aimed to streamline interactions and foster business relationships, making it easier for these groups to collaborate and conduct business.

The first and opening event organized by the Bosco Conference took place in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This event was significant not only because it was a first in the company’s history, but also because it was a great success. The topic primarily revolved around the promotion of business opportunities, investment opportunities or partnerships related to Cyprus. This focus on Cyprus could be due to various factors, such as economic conditions, a favourable business environment or existing business relations between the regions. For almost 20 years of work, the Bosco Conference has held conferences in more than 25 countries, although the interest in Cyprus has not waned over all these years.

What motivated the decision to expand your operations to Cyprus?

Cyprus has long been recognized as a key asset management centre. This status is due to several factors, including its strategic location, strong financial services sector and favourable regulatory environment. The island nation has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality financial services, including wealth management, real estate and investment advisory services. This has attracted a significant amount of international business and investment, making Cyprus a prominent player in global asset management. Cyprus’s geographical location greatly enhances its attractiveness as a business and investment destination. Cyprus, located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, serves as a convenient gateway for businesses wishing to operate in these regions.

If we can talk about numbers, how big is your team and how many conferences have you done in the past years?

Our team consists of approximately 25 people, and we have permanent partners in various countries where conferences are held. Our relationships with partners have lasted for decades. With a portfolio of around 200 conferences organized, the company has significant experience and a proven track record in the industry. Organizing such a large number of events demonstrates our capability to handle various logistical challenges and deliver successful outcomes consistently. This extensive experience no doubt spans multiple industries and regions, providing us with a deep understanding of different markets and audience needs.

Multiple challenges

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your conference operations, and what changes did you implement to adapt?

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional business operations and event planning worldwide. For a company specializing in organizing conferences, the inability to hold in-person events due to lockdowns and travel restrictions posed a substantial challenge. This situation necessitated a shift in how conferences and meetings were conducted. In response to these challenges, the company adapted by transitioning to online formats. This strategic pivot involved leveraging digital platforms to host webinars and virtual conferences. Embracing online formats allowed the company to continue its operations despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

The move to online events wasn’t just a temporary fix but opened new avenues for the company. Organising around 100 online webinars is a testament to their ability to quickly adapt and effectively utilize digital tools. Each webinar attracting an audience of approximately 500 participants indicates strong engagement and interest.

In what ways has the ongoing war in Ukraine impacted your team and your business operations?

The war primarily affected the geography of events. If in previous years the CIS countries were popular, now many events are shifting to the Middle East and Asia.

Strong changes have affected the financial system of Europe and other countries; many companies have changed their priorities and patterns of interaction with clients.

Lessons from success

What key lessons have you learned from your 19 years of organizing conferences, and the challenges you have faced?

The company recognizes that the key to successful conferences is to ensure that the content is interesting and relevant to participants. This requires an ongoing process of collecting and analysing participant feedback. By doing this, we can understand what works well and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that each event meets the needs and expectations of the audience.

The company perceives challenges as opportunities for growth. Instead of viewing challenges as failures, we view them as valuable learning experiences that promote growth. A positive attitude promotes sustainability and innovation, allowing a company to continually adapt and improve.

What distinguishes your InvestPro and WealthPro conferences from other similar events in the industry?

The company sees its main task as creating a “mobile business club”. This innovative platform allows members to connect and establish business partnerships. Unlike static events, this mobile format offers flexibility and the ability to bring together business professionals in different locations, expanding networking opportunities across different regions. A platform where our members find business partners, thereby expanding their business opportunities. Clients find the best deals on the market thanks to networking at our events. The fact that our conferences have been running for 20 years proves that our business model is successful and efficient.

Can you share some success stories or significant outcomes from your past conferences?

Since we always ask for feedback on our conferences, we are aware of the success of each event. The best reviews were about conferences in Cyprus, some realtors concluded multi-million dollar deals at the conferences, and other companies found business partners from different countries. Thanks to the strong customer base of Cypriot companies, many international brands are keen to collaborate with them. The opportunity to solve a complex problem increases if you collect several hundred business cards at a conference by asking a question at the exhibition or the speaker.

How do you ensure that your conferences provide value and networking opportunities for participants from various industries?

The glowing reviews we receive are a testament to our success, and we are proud to share them on our social media. Many of our sponsors and partners have supported us for over a decade, further demonstrating the incredible impact and productivity of our conferences. During their visits to our events, many participants found new jobs, changed their field of activity, and started their own businesses — and all this thanks to the contacts that appeared as a result of acquaintances at conferences.

Looking forward

What are your plans for future conferences and expansions? Can you talk about any notable partnerships or collaborations that have emerged from your conferences?  

This year, we’re focusing on expanding our presence in Saudi Arabia due to the high demand we’ve observed. We’re also excited about our upcoming inaugural conference in Abu Dhabi. Our long-standing love for the Emirates is evident from our decade-long track record of organizing successful events in Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai. Now, we’re thrilled to extend our reach to the largest emirate, Abu Dhabi, aiming to create an impactful experience.

Moreover, with Hungary’s new immigration program in place, we’re looking forward to hosting conferences in Budapest by the year’s end, exploring new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Reflecting on our past achievements, we’re proud of the two conferences we held in 2015 and 2018 with the support of the Ras Al Khaimah government. However, we deeply value all our partnerships and appreciate everyone who contributes to the ongoing success and expansion of our platform.

Are there any new initiatives or projects on the horizon that you are particularly excited about?

We are eagerly anticipating all upcoming conferences in Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, El Riyadh, Poland and Hungary, as each one is unique and filled with potential.

However, our greatest excitement is currently focused on the upcoming conference in Cyprus. This event promises to be a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and transformative ideas. We can’t wait to witness the impact it will have and the connections it will forge among industry leaders, visionaries, and change-makers. It’s moments like these that fuel our passion and drive us to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in the conference realm.

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Date: May 27th, 2024
Venue: Parklane Hotel
Location: Cyprus, Limassol.


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