Tech Titans in Judgment: Unveiling the Architects of Our Top 20 Women in Tech

A spotlight on the accomplished individuals guiding the recognition of outstanding women in the tech industry.

Jury members for Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards 2023

Meet the powerhouse of 6 Jury members for Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards 2023, each with a stellar track record in tech, innovation, and women’s empowerment. 

Their collective expertise in tech, innovation, and women’s empowerment not only defines the selection process but also sets the standard for excellence, reinforcing the importance of celebrating and recognizing the contributions of women in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Catalina Valentino

Catalina Valentino

CEO of ELIXR, Global Top 100 Women in Tech, Ft. Business Insider, Forbes

Catalina Valentino — a dynamic Gen-Z Entrepreneur who, at the age of 22, advises a $200M Venture Capital Fund, Una Terra, The British Youth Council, and is the youngest Senator to the World Business Angel Investment Forum. Catalina won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 and Top 100 Women of The Future in Emerging Tech. Alongside running her multinational company, ELIXR, she invests in LiDAR, digital twins, collaborative planning technology, and more. 

Superpower: High EI (Emotional Intelligence). Call me Donna. (Suits fans will understand). Sometimes, it’s not just about what someone has done, but often about where they’re going. Being able to see the vision and the bigger picture is what allows me to run big companies.  

Jihan Zoghbi

Jihan Zoghbi, PhD

Speaker, Entrepreneur, FORBES Women Tech 2021

Jihan Zoghbi has over 20 years of experience in computer science applied to the health field, emphasizing computer graphics and medical image processing. As a CIO at the healthcare insurance Ameplan for six years, she is responsible for implementing and optimizing the management system processes of the operator and accredited hospitals and the digitalization of the entire imaging sector.

Superpower: Creativity 

Dr Anino Emuwa

Dr Anino Emuwa

Global Women’s Leadership Expert, TEDx & Keynote Speaker

Dr. Anino Emuwa — a global DE&I expert working at the intersection of women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies. Founder 100 Women Davos, Board Director, Mentor, and named Most Inspirational Woman in Web3 & AI.

Superpower: Discerning talent and determination, essential for success

Yesika Aguilera

Yesika Aguilera

Forbes 30 Under 30, TEDx Speaker, Jury at Startup Europe Awards

Yesika Aguilera — a distinguished business technology expert, has earned twice the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition, top 100 women in tech for her disruptive tech contributions. As the Founder of Clocky App, an AI productivity application, and the Co-founder of Tespack, an innovative smart energy technology company specializing in mobile energy solutions utilized by the UN and governments globally, Yesika’s impact is profound.

Superpower: a judge for the best women in tech, leverages her extensive industry experience, providing tech solutions globally and evaluating promising startups at the Startup Europe Awards. Additionally, she plays a vital role in mentoring entrepreneurs and fostering the creation of technology-driven companies with a global perspective in over 56 countries.

Caritta Seppa

Caritta Seppa

Co-Founder of Tespack, Forbes 30 Under 30, TEDx & Keynote Speaker

Caritta Seppä — a tech entrepreneur turned investor, currently working as an Investment Manager at Spintop Ventures, an early-stage VC fund investing in Nordics-based software tech companies. She is also a co-founder at @Tespack. Caritta has been awarded as Forbes 30 Under 30 and one of the finalist winners at the Nordic Women in Tech Awards. Caritta was invited as the keynote speaker to leading events such as the WTO Public Annual Forum, ChangeNOW, and Arctic15 while also being a TEDx speaker.

Superpower: Tech startup founder with a non-tech background (no coding nor engineering background, but co-founded a successful energy hardware startup).

Matina Charkoftaki

Matina Charkoftaki


Matina Charkoftaki has been a journalist for the last 12 years. She studied at the Department of International and European Studies at Panteion University and obtained a master’s degree in Economics. Her career in business reporting began in 2012 when she joined the stock market channel SBC TV. Today, she is a member of the team of and Kefalaio newspaper and, at the same time, writes for the Greek edition of Forbes magazine, specializing in the tech field.

Superpower: I don’t believe in superpowers but in hard work, knowledge, and an open mind.

Breaking Barriers: Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards Unveiling Trailblazing Talent

We are shaping a new technological narrative by spotlighting exceptional women in the industry.

The First  Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards marks a significant milestone in recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of women in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of technology. As the tech industry continues to thrive globally, it is essential to acknowledge women’s pivotal role in shaping its trajectory.

We have thoroughly analyzed 81 registrations and nominee profiles, assessing them according to our rating methodology. The nominees were evaluated based on several criteria:

COMPLIANCE (Cyprus tax residence, lack of economic ties with sanctioned countries, etc.)

GROWTH (Work experience in technology companies, roles and responsibilities, years in tech, creation of job opportunities for women in the technology sector, percentage of women in the company’s workforce)

INNOVATE (Participation in projects that enhance the technology sector, contributions to the development of innovative technologies, and impact on the industry)

INSPIRE (Engagement in technology communities and groups, public lectures, presentations at technology and other conferences, publications in the media, speeches, personal blogging, activity on social networks, and internet visibility)

IMPACT (Volunteer work in technology-related organizations, launching charitable projects, and support for women in technology communities).

Afterward, our six jury members selected 20 women from the final long list of 33 nominated candidates, placed randomly. Their scores contributed to the overall assessment; collectively, we identified the top 20.  The final list is presented in alphabetical order by last name.

This groundbreaking rating is not just a mere accolade; it represents a dedicated effort to amplify the visibility of women who have made indelible marks in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In an industry historically dominated by male voices, this initiative seeks to rectify the gender imbalance and provide a platform for women to showcase their expertise, accomplishments, and influence.

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