Beyond Rhetoric: Vidby’s Proactive Steps for Gender Diversity in Tech

by BrandVoice

JULIA YUDINA, HEAD OF CUSTOMER SUCCESS AT VIDBY: From Recruitment Strategies to Leadership Empowerment - Driving Real Change

Vidby is a multi-product Swiss IT company specializing in language technologies and the development of AI-powered translation solutions. +The company has coined the term “Technologies of Understanding” as part of its unique approach. Vidby is constantly developing innovative products that help people communicate globally. The product list includes voice-to-voice video and document translation tools, simultaneous translation solutions for offline and online meetings, and more.

In the technology industry, as in any other, success should not be determined by gender. Everything should depend only on the person’s qualifications and professionalism. Women, as well as men, bring unique perspectives, ideas, and skills to the table. Like many others, the tech industry has historically been male-dominated, and it’s essential to break down those barriers to create equal opportunities for everyone. Beyond that, fostering gender diversity is a matter of equality and fairness. By supporting women in the technology sector, we empower individuals and enhance the industry’s overall strength and adaptability.

Through active participation and support of such initiatives as the Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards, we aim to highlight the accomplishments of women in our industry, inspiring others and showcasing the diverse talent that exists. This commitment aligns with our broader dedication to fostering a culture of inclusivity, equality, and merit recognition in the workplace.

Our commitment to gender diversity goes beyond rhetoric. We have implemented targeted recruitment strategies to attract a diverse talent pool, emphasizing that IT is an industry where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive. Our team has achieved a gender balance, with women holding management and junior positions, demonstrating our commitment to action.

As of our last assessment, talented men and women represent our workforce equally, each contributing significantly to our success. Our team serves as a testament to the fact that in IT, gender does not play a role; it’s about qualifications and professionalism. We recognize that there is always room for improvement, and we have ongoing initiatives to increase gender diversity further. Our recruitment strategies focus on attracting talented women, emphasizing that in our organization, everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive based on their abilities and dedication. We continually assess and refine our workplace policies to ensure an inclusive environment that supports the growth and advancement of all employees.

We actively promote women in leadership roles within our organization, showcasing their achievements and expertise. Our team has a diverse leadership, made up of people who have proven their professionalism. We also do a lot to publicize the accomplishments of our female team members. This includes featuring success stories in internal communications, industry events, and social media. Through these efforts, we aim to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and inspire the next generation of women leaders in the tech industry. By actively shaping this narrative, we contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone in the field.

My vision for the future of women is one where their roles are defined by their skills, passion, and dedication rather than gender stereotypes. I envision a tech industry that is truly diverse and inclusive, where women are recognized and celebrated for their unique perspectives and contributions. It’s not about creating a separate space for women but ensuring that women have equal opportunities to excel in all aspects of technology. I’ve encountered those stereotypical perceptions of a “nice, pretty face,” but I’ve also repeatedly proven that behind that exterior lies a hardworking, smart woman. Don’t let prejudice hinder your passion for technology. Embrace curiosity, explore different areas, and seek mentors for guidance. Build a strong network within the industry. Remember that your unique perspective as a woman in tech is an asset, not a limitation.


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