Beyond Borders: SOFTSWISS’s Commitment to Global Gender Equality in Technology

by BrandVoice

VALENTINA BAGNIYA, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER AT SOFTSWISS: Unveiling Challenges, Inspiring Growth, and Nurturing Success for Women in Tech

SOFTSWISS is an international technological company that provides software solutions for iGaming brands. Almost 50% of our employees are female. We believe in gender equality and work daily to dismantle stereotypes that prevent women from growth and self-realization. One of our fundamental values is “we see people,” meaning that we see and support each person, regardless of gender.

Gender stereotypes have made the technology industry traditionally male-dominated. These stereotypes create barriers for both sides. The drive does not let women in, and women tend to avoid the opportunity to grow in IT primarily out of habit or fear. 

We are sure that each woman who plans her career and professional development, first of all, needs not to be supported but to be sure that she will not face gender stereotypes and obstacles. Do men see limitations in their gender? Do they have to prove something to women? We believe not. So, the best you can do for a woman is not to hinder her. 

However, many steps must be taken to achieve this equality and eliminate stereotyped thinking. Even in Sweden, a country where feminism won (as often said), the latest “Equal Rights report” showed that women still spend more time on unpaid work (housekeeping, cooking, caring for kids, etc.) and have less time for planning, education, and career building. And obviously, women’s status in other countries and traditionally male spheres is worse.

The most important thing we do daily is create a healthy working environment for women in our company. We help them to grow within the company and achieve leadership positions. We actively share our experience in crypto, iGaming, affiliate marketing, and sports betting. We work on promoting female employees’ self-brands because each successful example can inspire and instill confidence in other women in planning their future development. We organize hackathons and meetups for students and IT professionals.

SOFTSWISS gives unlimited professional and personal growth opportunities – courses, training programs and initiatives, leadership courses, and various internal workshops. This helps female employees to develop their careers and be motivated and encouraged. As a result of our efforts, more than 40% of our M-level team leaders are female, who have mostly grown within the company. 

We create comfortable conditions for work and unlock employees’ potential – paid sick days, the possibility of 100% remote or hybrid work, and mental health support. 

Moreover, we do special projects to attract attention to the importance and fragility of health. Let’s think about Pink. We publicly share many examples of successful female employees in SOFTSWISS – developers, heads of business lines, C-level managers, etc.

We have a balanced 52/48 male/female ratio, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Of course, we understand that this ratio is higher than average, and we are proud that we reached it. “We see people” and appreciate high professional skills without regard to gender, age, or nationality. I’m sure this will help SOFTSWISS grow effectively and become a leading tech company in its segment.

We actively promote female employees’ self-brands and success stories in internal and external communication. We conduct interviews, speak publicly at conferences, and nominate women employees for professional awards. We have also launched the project “SOFTSWISS in faces,” which showcases outstanding women in our company.

Overall, I hope we approach a time when it will be apparent that women do not have to prove anything to anyone and can do precisely what they think they need to do to achieve fulfillment and happiness.

In the professional world, it would be incredible to achieve an anonymous techno world where an employer’s crucial factors were neither gender nor age, race, or social status of an employee but professional skills and quality of work.

Our advice to other women interested in pursuing a career in technology is to forget about stereotypes and borders, believe in yourself and your power, learn and improve, network – seek mentors and a community, ask for help, do not be afraid of taking risks and responsibility, be resilient and embrace challenges, speak up and promote your work, ideas, and experience.


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