Tetyana Romanyukha

Tetyana Romanyukha

Non-profit IT

Transforming Cyprus Into The Tech Island

Tetyana Romanyukha was essential in the success of numerous great global projects, always bringing innovations. No wonder she is a highly desired guest and speaker for any tech event. Now, she uses her vast experience and talent to bring strategies to life and transform Cyprus into the tech island of Europe with TechIsland. It became an impactful change maker, bringing together all who believe in Cyprus’s potential and creating projects in all aspects: infrastructure, schooling, housing, eco, environmental, and social.

What challenges have you faced as a woman in tech?

I have faced various challenges throughout my career in the tech industry, particularly in venture capital. Notable instances were during meetings with partners of large capital firms. Despite being in an equal position with my male colleagues, I experienced biases. Partners engaged readily with me during discussions on lighter, less crucial topics. However, once conversations shifted to essential venture capital matters, their attention noticeably pivoted toward my male counterparts. This subtle but prevalent bias made it a persistent hurdle to navigate.

However, I also experienced environments where gender biases were minimal. During job interviews and within my work environment, I felt a fair evaluation based on my expertise and contributions. Our team, based in TechIsland, has even cultivated most women in executive roles, illustrating a balanced representation in leadership.

Mentorship has been a significant part of my journey. I’ve been fortunate to have incredible female mentors who offered substantial guidance. Interestingly, my experience suggests that effective mentorship transcends gender boundaries, relying more on the chemistry and mutual understanding between individuals.

Community inclusion has been largely positive, but there’s a noticeable gender discrepancy in leadership roles. Finding myself among the few women in these positions sometimes feels challenging despite being included. A more balanced gender representation in leadership across various sectors would promote greater diversity and inclusivity.

In conclusion, while there are challenges stemming from subtle biases and underrepresentation in leadership roles, there are also environments and relationships that have cultivated equality, mentorship, and inclusivity in my journey as a woman in tech.

What advice would you give to other women interested in a tech career?

My pieces of advice to other women who are interested in a tech career:

Ground Yourself in Your Unique Values and Beliefs: Draw strength from your journey and experiences. Embrace the values and lessons learned from the influential people in your life, and let these guide your path in the tech industry.

Break Free from Traditional Gender Roles: Don’t be confined by traditional gender expectations in your career. Learn from role models who embody the balance, flexibility, and partnership that defies rigid, gendered roles.

Foster Resilience, Bravery, and Confidence: Embrace empowerment as being resilient, brave, confident, and empathetic. These qualities are fundamental in navigating challenges, pushing boundaries, and promoting innovation in tech.

Cultivate Support and Community: Build and lean on a supportive community that understands the essence of teamwork, shared responsibilities, and mutual respect. Recognize the importance of allies and mentors who support and uplift your journey.

Promote Equality and Shared Responsibility: Advocate for shared responsibilities and mutual support in family and professional domains. Promote a culture where everyone’s contributions are valued and respected, regardless of gender.

Challenge the Status Quo: Don’t be afraid to challenge existing norms and biases. Embrace being ‘difficult’ if it means driving change, results, innovation, and equality in the tech industry.

Continuous Growth and Learning: View challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. Ask yourself what you can learn and how to grow from every experience.

Celebrate Diversity of Roles and Journeys: Advocate for a diverse representation of roles and paths in tech. Celebrate everyone’s unique journeys and contributions, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Prioritize Choice and Freedom from Limiting Stereotypes: Empowerment is choosing your path without being boxed into gendered categories or societal expectations. Prioritize this freedom in your career decisions and advocate for others to have the same.

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