Marina Ilina

Marina Ilina

Founder, CEO
PIN-UP Global

Pioneering Innovation and Ecosystem Excellence in Entertainment

Marina Ilina, who has almost ten years of tech industry experience, is PIN-UP Global’s Founder and CEO. She has created an innovative ecosystem of independent companies, each specializing in different facets of entertainment products used by millions of customers worldwide. PIN-UP Global is divided into directions depending on the profile: PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.CRM, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.PLAY, PIN-UP.CARE, PIN-UP.TEAM, and PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS. Ecosystem companies introduce innovative technologies and non-standard solutions for developing and scaling products and services and fully cover the ecosystem’s needs — from product development to financial and legal support. Based on deep market knowledge and the latest technologies, PIN-UP’s mission is to develop ecosystem companies and remain industry leaders.

What challenges have you faced as a woman in tech?

I’ve been fortunate not to have faced challenges as a woman in tech. I’ve focused on continuous growth and development throughout my career and progressed without significant obstacles. I believe in the power of embracing opportunities and continually striving to excel in the technology field. 

The biggest challenge for any technology leader is combining various qualities and being responsible for different processes. As a leader, you should be an expert in your domain, know where the company is going and its goals, decompose these goals into specific C-level tasks, and be a supportive leader for your team. And, of course, it’s crucial to achieve results while trying not to consistently lose quality.

As a result, you create a controlled process that will lead the company to its desired goals.

What advice would you give to other women interested in a tech career?

Feel free to fill in the gaps if you need more confidence in your expertise. If you are convinced of your skills, choose your direction, leave doubts behind, and move towards your goal. It will never be easy, but we are not here to relax – we are here to change the world of technology.

What are your thoughts on the future of women in tech? 

A woman’s vision gives technology products a better chance of success. Why? In product development, it is essential to approach the process from different angles to obtain the most convenient and functional result for any user. Combining a male and female approach in product development and business vision is always a winning strategy.

Every year, there will be more and more women in technology. I see this trend in the PIN-UP ecosystem: many positions that used to be exclusively male are now held by women.

What is your favorite part of working in tech?

My favorite part of working in tech is when we encounter a growth point for a product or service. Something is missing, something needs to be slightly polished, and somewhere, the process needs to be rethought entirely. At this moment, I see the product’s potential and can imagine what profit the upcoming work will bring.

What are your career goals?

My latest career goal is to successfully launch a new direction with PIN-UP related to startup investments. This is an up-and-coming niche and a real opportunity to influence the development of the technology industry. My team and I have the necessary expertise to implement this project. This will give many product teams with innovative ideas a chance to bring their development to life with the help of all PIN-UP’s resources.

What are your thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry? 

Diversity and inclusion in the technology industry reflect our society’s diversity and enrich our ideas and products. Each of us is unique, and for anyone to be able to find the right product or service for themselves, those who create and develop new technologies need to be open-minded and variable and do their job out of a desire to bring something fresh and valuable.

What are you most passionate about? 

My passion lies in using technology to bring about positive change and advancement. With the help of technology, we can improve this world – make many things more convenient, straightforward, and helpful in all areas of life. I choose to be involved in these changes, not an observer.

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