MY.GAMES: Championing Diversity in Tech

by BrandVoice

SOLA SAULENKO, MARKETING DIRECTOR AT PIXONIC, MY.GAMES: Empowering Women, Achieving Milestones, and Shaping the Future of Gaming

MY.GAMES is a leading European publisher and developer headquartered in Amsterdam, with over one billion registered users worldwide. The company develops games for mobile, PС, and console platforms. Their titles include War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, and Left to Survive. MY.GAMES unites over a dozen development studios and a strong team of specialists working together from across the globe.

Noting the ongoing efforts to address gender representation in the IT sector is heartening. Women often find themselves underrepresented and lacking role models in this field. Despite these challenges, women in tech persist in navigating biases and balancing work-life demands. The industry is encouraging strides toward inclusivity, emphasizing support for diversity. This progress actively creates a more equitable and welcoming environment, offering hope for a future where all voices are heard and valued in the tech landscape.

In Cyprus, empowering women in technology is vital to harness the workforce’s full potential. Leveraging the skills and talents of women can propel Cyprus’s technological capabilities, fostering innovation and ensuring widespread accessibility and benefits from technological advancements across society.

MY.GAMES is deeply committed to endorsing initiatives like the Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards because they understand the importance of supportive networks and role models in the tech industry. Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women in technology is integral to fostering a supportive environment and providing role models for future generations.

The gender diversity within MY.GAMES includes more than 30% of company staff being female, of which 55% represent leadership roles. MY.GAMES has created an encouraging atmosphere where women feel included and truly empowered. This environment has led to remarkable achievements, prominently reflected in their team’s outstanding success. Their collective efforts have reached a monumental milestone of 1 billion registered users across our gaming platforms. Our hit titles, such as War Robots, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, and others, continue to lead in their respective gaming genres, resonating with players worldwide. 

Moving forward, MY.GAMES is committed to further enhancing these figures by implementing initiatives to increase women’s representation across all company levels. 

I am genuinely optimistic about the future of women in tech. Despite past challenges, the tech industry increasingly embraces the significance of diversity and inclusion. Encouraging more girls and women to pursue STEM education and tech careers is paving the way for a more balanced representation.

Initiatives, mentorship programs, and the push for gender equality in tech are gaining momentum, creating a more supportive environment for women. When provided with access to education, mentorship, and equal opportunities, women are positioned to excel in various tech roles, spanning from coding to leadership positions.

The future for women in tech is about shattering barriers, mutual support, and forging a more inclusive and fair industry. Their contributions will remain pivotal in driving innovation and shaping the future of technology.

My main advice is to believe in yourself unwaveringly. Embrace continuous learning, connect with a supportive network, and fearlessly contribute your unique perspective. Seek and be a mentor, advocate for yourself, and actively support diversity. Stay true to your tech passions, and take the time to celebrate your achievements. You have the skills and resilience to thrive in tech — believe in yourself, persist, and embrace the opportunities ahead!


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