Investors Look Favourably At Blockchain-related Startups – Is A Bubble Looming?

by Marios Roussos
Investors look favourably at blockchain-related startups - Is a bubble looming?

An impressive 55% spike in total investment by the close of 2023

The blockchain industry has seen a notable surge in investor interest over recent years, attracting attention from venture capital firms, institutional investors, and corporate giants alike. This heightened interest is reflected in the significant influx of capital pouring into blockchain startups and projects, with investment figures reaching unprecedented heights. But at the back of investors’ minds is always the question: Is it a bubble? 

First thing first, data from investment tracking platforms reveal remarkable statistics: blockchain startups have amassed $20 billion in funding within the first half of 2024 alone, surpassing the total funding amassed in the entirety of the previous year. Established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to serve as focal points for global investment, revered both as digital store-of-value assets and as foundational platforms underpinning decentralised applications and smart contracts.

This surge in investment underscores the growing recognition of blockchain technology’s transformative potential across various sectors. As investors continue to channel substantial resources into the blockchain space, the industry is poised for further innovation and expansion, solidifying its position as a cornerstone of the digital economy.

The landscape of industry innovation is undergoing a profound transformation propelled by advancements in scalability, interoperability, and privacy technologies. Projects dedicated to enhancing blockchain scalability through initiatives like layer two solutions and sharding techniques are dismantling previous constraints, paving a clear path toward mainstream adoption. Platforms such as Algorand, Avalanche, and Solana are at the forefront of this movement, exploring innovative consensus mechanisms like Proof of Space-Time and Proof of History to overcome existing limitations, thereby facilitating faster consensus among industry stakeholders.

Furthermore, the pivotal role played by blockchain development companies cannot be overstated in catalysing innovation and empowering businesses to leverage the full potential of blockchain technology. From offering comprehensive consulting services to ensuring robust security measures and conducting thorough audits, these entities are invaluable partners in the journey towards blockchain integration.

Simultaneously, there has been a marked uptick in consumer awareness surrounding blockchain technology and its manifold benefits. Consumers are increasingly inclined to invest in blockchain assets, drawn by the potential for transformative benefits. This growing interest is mirrored in the escalating demand for cryptocurrency wallets, decentralised applications (DApps), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) among both individual consumers and enterprises alike.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has further catalysed the adoption of digital technologies, including blockchain, as businesses and consumers seek digital solutions to navigate remote work arrangements, facilitate seamless online transactions, and enhance digital identity verification processes. This confluence of factors underscores the evolving landscape of industry innovation, characterized by a growing recognition of blockchain’s potential to drive substantive change across diverse sectors.

An impressive 55% spike

An impressive 55% spike was recorded, according to the report from Quicknote and Artemis, for Q1’2024 OnChain. The latest statistics depict a robust picture of the web3 landscape, showcasing remarkable growth and heightened investor confidence.

Compared to the preceding quarter, there has been a substantial 36% surge in deal numbers, accompanied by an impressive 55% spike in total investment by the close of 2023. Such figures serve as a turbocharged testament to venture capitalists’ burgeoning faith in and commitment to web3 ventures.

Of particular note are the seed round deals, emerging as the stars of the show with a staggering 53% quarter-over-quarter increase. This surge underscores investors’ enthusiasm for supporting nascent ventures. Notably, Series A and Seed funding rounds are yielding nearly double the capital compared to the previous quarter, indicating robust engagement from venture capitalists delving deep into the web3 ecosystem.

Amidst the diverse array of web3 categories, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as the reigning champion, captivating significant investment and attention. Positioned as the proverbial prom king of web3, AI garners widespread acclaim for its potential to revolutionize the digital landscape. One standout example is 0G Labs, which recently secured a substantial $35 million pre-seed round to pioneer groundbreaking AI blockchain innovations.

However, while certain sectors bask in the limelight, others receive a more subdued reception. Developer tools and trading, though receiving attention, are met with cautious optimism rather than unbridled enthusiasm. This tempered reception may stem from the perceived complexities or longer-term investment horizons associated with these sectors.

In sum, the inaugural quarter of 2024 heralds not merely a resurgence but a blockbuster sequel in the realm of web3. This period revitalizes venture capital interest in web3 and casts a discerning gaze on sectors poised to redefine the technological landscape. As such, it lays the foundation for substantial advancements in web3, solidifying its stature as a pivotal force in the tech industry.

Is a Bubble Looming?

In this dynamic landscape of technological innovation, blockchain, as we observed above, has emerged as a magnet for investor attention. Mr Demetris Theodoulou commented to the Future, an eagle-eye observer of market trends investor, offered an insightful perspective on the current state of affairs, noting that “The enormous amount of capital pouring into blockchain technology projects is the establishment of the new trend. We might also be witnessing the initial stages of a bubble.”

Drawing parallels with historical precedents, Theodoulou astutely pointed out that bubbles often arise from a convergence of factors.

However like every bubble in history, [they] are always built in solid ground but too much money chasing too few deals is what creates bubbles

Mr Demetris Theodorou noted

He referenced notable historical events such as the housing crisis of 2007-08 and the bubble of 99-2000, along with contemporary trends like Electric Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence, to highlight the cyclicality of market exuberance.

Yet, amidst cautionary tones, Theodoulou hinted at a silver lining. He highlights that “If indeed there is a bubble, consolidation will follow and the winners of this century will appear.” His observation underscores a fundamental truth of market dynamics – that periods of flux often pave the way for transformational winners to emerge.

As investors navigate the burgeoning landscape of blockchain startups, Theodoulou’s words serve as a timely reminder to tread carefully, acknowledging both the potential for growth and the spectre of overvaluation. In the crucible of market forces, the path forward may be uncertain, but with astute discernment, opportunities abound for those who dare to innovate and adapt.

Some key insights

The report also offers compelling insights into the dynamic landscape of blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

BTC ETF Sparks Market Activity: The approval of the BTC ETF by the SEC on January 10, 2024, acted as a catalyst for renewed developer and investor interest, driving a remarkable 146% surge in Daily Active Addresses. This regulatory milestone injected fresh optimism into the market, signalling a resurgence in confidence among market participants.

Stablecoins Take Center Stage: Against the backdrop of heightened crypto fervour, stablecoins emerged as a focal point of activity, buoyed by their regulatory clarity and intrinsic stability. Notably, USDC emerged as a frontrunner, boasting significant transaction volume and witnessing a noteworthy increase in average transaction size compared to USDT. This trend underscores the growing role of stablecoins as key players within the crypto ecosystem.

DeFi’s Resilient Growth Trajectory: The DeFi sector showcased remarkable resilience, poised for a potential resurgence akin to the legendary ‘DeFi Summer’. Fueled by Solana memecoin mania, platforms such as Solana and Base experienced substantial gains, with DeFi active addresses witnessing a notable uptick of 45% and 17% respectively. DeFi dominated the quarter in terms of transactions, gas usage, and project count, affirming its position as a vibrant and thriving ecosystem within the broader blockchain landscape.

Explosive Growth in Web3 Gaming: The gaming sector emerged as a powerhouse of growth, boasting a staggering 155% increase in active addresses and a remarkable 370% surge in transactions year over year. This robust performance underscores the industry’s capacity to captivate and retain a rapidly expanding player base, positioning it as a key driver of blockchain adoption and innovation.

Layer 2 Networks Pave the Way: Significant advancements in Layer 2 solutions, spearheaded by platforms like Arbitrum and Base, have bolstered the technology’s readiness for widespread adoption. These strategic developments underscore the sector’s unwavering commitment to enhancing blockchain efficiency and accessibility, laying a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.


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