Diversity in Action: Exness Paves the Way for Women in Tech

by BrandVoice

ELENA KRUTOVA, CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER AT EXNESS: From Ideation to Leadership, Celebrating Achievements, and Fostering Equality

Innovations, new ideas, and creative solutions shape the technology industry, underscoring the undeniable importance of diversity in product development. Gender diversity isn’t just about having several women on the board or a benchmark to achieve in the HR agenda. Women can bring fresh perspectives, a healthier culture, and new leadership approaches – a vital component of a dynamic business, especially in tech. 

Today, women have a wealth of knowledge and insight into the workplace. They are ready to challenge traditional thought and pioneer new solutions. In other words, supporting women in tomorrow’s tech should become a priority that invigorates the culture of innovation and brings a new angle to problem-solving and creativity. 

The significance of including women in leadership positions is evident. According to a survey by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, companies that increased their female leadership from zero to 30% experienced a 15% increase in profits. This underscores the pivotal role of women’s leadership in promoting diversity at the corporate level, improving skill management, reducing discrimination and biases, and attracting top talent.

Ultimately, tech companies can craft universal and inclusive products by having women on their teams throughout the creative and development process. These products can enrich user experience across the board. 

Visibility and recognition are powerful drivers for change. At Exness, celebrating the women who made a difference in our sector honors their contributions and puts their work in the spotlight. This may empower thousands of others, especially the young generation – and thus, improve the world.

A recent study by PWC shows that 78% of students cannot name a famous woman working in tech. We can shift this narrative and demonstrate their integral role in tech by bringing these women to the forefront.

Moreover, recognizing their achievements in tech inspires the younger generations, offering them role models to aspire to. Given that only a tiny fraction of girls choose a STEM path, initiatives like the Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards can tip the scale and encourage them to pursue a career in tech. 

Founded in 2008, Exness Group is a global multi-asset broker aiming to reshape the online trading industry. At Exness, we focus on professionalism and bright ideas, no matter who brings them – men or women. We take pride in being an employer that actively bridges the pay gap, ensuring equal remuneration between genders. Our culture also provides every employee (male or female) with an equal voice. We invite everyone to steer innovation and share ideas that can bring corporate transformation at all levels.

Our team goes the extra mile by organizing events designed to inspire and influence. Our “HR ShakeUP 3.0.: Women Shaping Tomorrow” event, held in October, is a brilliant example. This event showcased and celebrated women who shattered the glass ceiling overcame barriers to opportunities, and achieved excellence in their fields. Such events have the power to establish a more vital role for gender diversity in our sector and foster an environment where women can thrive as professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders. 

According to our latest report, women make up 36.9% of our workforce, an improvement over previous years and favorable compared to other companies. However, we are committed to increasing this figure further. We actively empower women within our organization and provide them with opportunities, all with the vision of advancing female leadership.

It’s worth mentioning that many women hold leadership roles at Exness, demonstrating our commitment to female advancement. Two of the most critical roles in our organization, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, are held by women. These leaders exemplify our conviction that women are integral to leadership and decision-making roles. 

As we look to the future, we aim to maintain our position as an equal-opportunity employer and continually develop initiatives that foster an inclusive and diverse workplace. This type of workplace will attract women to the tech sector and empower them to advance to leadership roles.

We ensure women’s visibility and representation in all our operations. Acknowledging and recognizing the contributions of women in technology is a core aspect of our corporate culture. 

We actively encourage and promote women into leadership roles and support their continuous professional growth to foster their development into thought leaders within their fields. In addition, we continuously evaluate and adjust our internal processes and cultural framework to enhance inclusivity. Inclusivity starts by bringing people together irrespective of their cultural background, gender, age, or other characteristics. Plus, there is no better time than now to do so!

As a data-driven company, we constantly analyze data to make decisions. Research has shown that confidence and a strong sense of efficacy are the key traits of women who remain in STEM. My advice to women embarking on a technology career is to have a robust belief in their capabilities and trust in their strengths. I want to tell every young girl: “You can change this world for the better; do not question yourself – just go and do it!”

Navigating a tech career can be complex, so building a network of colleagues and mentors can be invaluable for guidance and support. The relationships in the network can contribute to personal and professional growth. 

These networks can also serve as advocacy groups for women, promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They can help other women in the tech space and change discriminatory perceptions and dynamics, fortifying a culture of collaboration and progress. At Exness, we invite all women seeking guidance and mentorship in their efforts to build a network or pursue a career in tech.


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