AdTech Holding: Pioneering Innovation and Promoting Women in Technology

by BrandVoice

ELENA DOLYA, CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER AT ADTECH HOLDING: A Leader in AdTech & MarTech Products with a Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

AdTech Holding is an international company headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, a leading innovation hub for advertising, performance marketing, and MarTech companies. Since 2011, the company has continuously brought groundbreaking ideas to life. Over the years, the track record of more than eight successful projects exemplifies AdTech Holding’s adherence to its mission: to create unparalleled AdTech & MarTech products.

From advertising networks and anti-ad fraud solutions to push services and audience monetization tools – AdTech Holding provides a complete ecosystem for digital marketers. One of the accomplishments AdTech Holding is particularly proud of is that all its technological products and solutions are developed in-house.

AdTech Holding is driven to endorse initiatives supporting women in the technology sector for several key reasons. First, diversity and inclusion goals recognize the value of varied perspectives for innovation and problem-solving. Improving business performance by tapping into a broader talent pool is also a motivator. In addition, long-term sustainability, industry competition, and the pursuit of social responsibility all contribute to our commitment to empowering women in technology.

Our workforce is almost 50% female, and we’re committed to fostering a more diverse and inclusive environment. We already have initiatives and policies to increase women’s representation in our company further.

Our goal is to create a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities and feels valued, and we plan to increase this percentage even more soon. Moreover, over 50% of the leaders in the holding are women. 

At our company, we are committed to actively shaping the image of women as leaders and experts in the technology industry through several key initiatives. 

Our leadership team consists of diverse individuals, including women in high-level positions and on our board of directors. They are visible role models, demonstrating that women can thrive in technology and leadership roles.

Moreover, we prioritize diversity in our hiring processes and actively seek qualified women for all roles, including developers, analytics, and other more technical positions.

As a leader in the AdTech market, we participate in dozens of conferences worldwide every year, and female managers and speakers are always encouraged to participate and demonstrate their expertise in the industry.

We are a company where women play an equal role in product development, strategic decision-making, and creative processes. Given that experience, it’s clear that we strongly believe in a bright future for women in tech. 

We’ve made progress in raising awareness of diversity and inclusion, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Women are breaking more and more barriers in different technology areas, which is evident in our company and the IT industry. 

At AdTech Holding, we’re committed to promoting women’s leadership and expertise in the tech industry through several initiatives:

  • Leadership and Representation. Our diverse leadership team, including women in key positions and on our Board of Directors, is a motivational example. Women hold more than 50% of leadership positions in AdTech Holding.
  • Diversity in Hiring. We actively seek qualified women for all positions to create a diverse and inclusive atmosphere in the company.
  • Thought Leadership and Visibility. We encourage women to contribute to industry thought leadership, sponsor their participation in events, and amplify their expertise.
  • Education and Skill Development. We offer training and mentorship programs within the company through both internal and external mentors to enhance skills and career development.
  • Community Building. We engage with and support women in tech communities and networks. As for me, I’m a proud member of the TechIsland association’s HR community. I actively participate in regular local, themed meetings focused on HR and administration topics. 
  • Measuring Progress. We regularly evaluate our gender diversity initiatives to ensure continuous improvement.

What advice would you offer to other women interested in pursuing a career in technology? 

First and foremost, it is essential to have faith in yourself and follow your passion. Make sure you’re pursuing your interests within the tech field. Another vital aspect is continuous learning. Technology is rapidly evolving, so staying on top of market trends and innovations is essential. Keep upgrading your skills and expanding your expertise. Finally, I recommend actively participating in women in tech communities and attending related events. Feel free to network with other women. It’s essential to share experiences and get support! 

To conclude, I’d like to mention that a woman’s power is limitless. A modern woman continues to combine all social roles, including actively building a career in tech, banking, politics, and others. I am confident that in the next 30-50 years, we will see an even more significant increase in the representation of women in all initially ‘non-female’ industries.


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